Welcome to ChooseMyHat.com, the site that lets you make Gregor's headgear choices for him!
Please note that hat votes are by IP address, so if you're on the same local network as another hat voter, only one vote will be counted between you.

Here are the current hat votes for the upcoming week. Click on a day to vote:
DayTop three choices (plus ties)
Saturday October 23, 2021
1 vote for
Sunday October 24, 2021
1 vote for
Monday October 25, 2021No votes!
Tuesday October 26, 2021No votes!
Wednesday October 27, 2021No votes!
Thursday October 28, 2021No votes!
Friday October 29, 2021No votes!
Saturday October 30, 2021No votes!
Have suggestions for hats to buy? Email them to . But remember, I can't travel or spend inordinate amounts of money, so a URL to a hat under $75 would be best.